We provide materials only to registered businesses. We can arrange sales to individuals through our distributors – please contact us for details. To register as a business client with us, please provide us with your tax number, Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number and contact information.

Please order by item number (where applicable), name and quantity via email, telephone or our web shop. Clients are responsible for providing a complete and correct shipping address.

Transport / VAT

Transport charges are added to all orders unless they are picked up in Zoetermeer, NL. VAT charges will be added to the invoice if the client is in Europe, unless the client is registered business in Europe but outside the Netherlands.


Orders are normally accepted prepaid. Payment may be done via bank transfer, PayPal, MasterCard or Visa. For MasterCard and Visa, please provide the card number, expiration date and verification number via fax or telephone for security reasons. Delivery time is usually within 7-10 business days of order confirmation. If delivery time is expected to take longer you will be notified as soon as possible.

Lead Came

Lead came ships from PELI Glass in Voorburg, NL. Delivery time is normally within 8-12 days of order confirmation. Soom orders may be shipped directly from the manufacturer in the UK. PELI Glass does not provide lead came directly to UK-Ireland customers but we can provide information over where it is available. Any special offers regarding lead came are not valid in the UK and Ireland.


Colors in the brochures are an indication only, individual experience may vary. Colors seen will depend on printing and viewing equipment.

All glass paints are shipped in powder form unless otherwise specified. These products may contain lead, cadmium or other substances harmful to health. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheets available at www.peliglass.eu before handling products and use appropriate protective equipment.

Special orders (specific color matches, color ground in oil) are possible, minimum 3 kg per color.

Lusters are considered hazardous materials and will be packaged and shipped accordingly.

Painting needs

Our paintbrushes are custom hand-made and especially designed for glass and ceramic painting. Books and videos selected for the glass artist. Delivery time normally 7 days.


Colors in the brochures are an indication only, individual experience may vary.

Glass is normally shipped directly the Saint-Just factory to the client. Packing, transport and energy costs are added to the order.

All glass cases from Saint-Just have a “tilt watch” indicator on the side that must be inspected upon receipt of the glass. If there are visible damages to the case(s) or if the tilt watch is red at the time of delivery the customer has the obligation to make written remarks on the delivery bill.


Glass / ceramic kilns are available in standard or custom sizes, with or without controllers. Delivery time 8-12 weeks.


We will work with you on your special projects such as public artworks, slumping, fusing. Contact us for details.


All goods are packed with the utmost care. All shipments contain a packing list which corresponds to the contents of the package. Claims must be made within 14 days of receipt of goods. Invoices (unless prepaid) are sent under separate cover. Non-catalog special orders are not returnable.

Any recommendations provided by PELI Glass Products regarding the use, properties or qualities of products offer for sale are believed reliable, but final results will depend on how the products are used by clients. PELI Glass General Conditions are applicable for all sales.