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Special projects – Large scale artwork

PELI Glass, in conjunction with our partner Glasatelier Oud Rijswijk, works with artists to create large-scale artwork. PELI Glass supplies materials, oversight, and glass painting / glass fusing expertise. Glasatelier Oud Rijswijk supplies the construction and know-how.

We work together with you to determine how best to make your vision a reality that is structurally sound and long lasting.

Lycée français Vincent van Gogh, The Hague, Netherlands (2016)
3 circular glass panels installed in the stairwells. Each panel measures 1m (39 in) diameter, and was designed by students of the Lycée.
The students received an introductory lecture from Peter Heijman on glass art and how to create a glass art design. The students then drew, with colored pencils, original designs on paper. The entire class voted on the designs. The three winning designs were enlarged, constructed and installed by Glasatelier Oud Rijswijk, and painted by PELI Glass Products and Glasatelier Oud Rijswijk.
Each winning design was carefully analyzed to determine the best construction technique. Two of the designs were constructed using lead came; the third design was constructed using 2-component silicone appliqué.
Paints used to create the artwork included CRG Transparent colors, Reusche lead and cadmium free colors, and Reusche enamels.

Broerenkerk, Zwolle, Netherlands, artist: Kjell Nupen (2013)
Appliqué and painted art glass window (2.5 m x 11 m, 53 panels)
The base layer of each panel is laminated float glass (33.2). On that is a layer of Saint-Just glass (ME, MNA and mouth-blown antique glass), then a painted float glass layer, and then another layer of colored glass. Two-component silicone was used. By layering the glass, Nupen was able to achieve even more nuances in color.

Glasatelier Oud Rijswijk created a light box that was roughly 9 m long so that Nupen had oversight of his window as it was created.


Viborg City Hall, Viborg, Denmark, artist: Kjell Nupen (2011)

Viborg City Hall, Viborg, Denmark, artist: Kjell Nupen (2011)
Kjell Nupen won the international competition to integrate his artwork into the Viborg City Hall outdoor area. The project was completed in fall 2011. Nupen collaborated with the well-known Danish architectural firm Henning Larsen. The project included 23 individual bronze sculptures and a 70 m2 ceramic-lined shallow water pool, his largest outdoor project. In 2011, Danish television aired a documentary about the project.

Nupen requested the assistance of Peter Heijman to organize the painting, firing, and transport of the ceramic tiles. The tiles were painted and fired in Den Haag at the ceramic studio Struktuur 68. Below are images of the tiles laid out over 2 rooms at Struktuur 68 and Nupen at work. Glazes were mixed to Nupen’s color specifications.

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