lead came

PELI Glass Products is distributor of Heaps, Arnold & Heaps (UK) lead came throughout mainland Europe and Russia. We guarantee satisfaction and your questions are always welcome! Contact us for free samples of the lead came and a non-binding offer! mail@peliglass.eu, tel: +31 (0)361 8154, fax: +31 (0)361 8493

“Because one brand of lead came didn’t have consistent quality and another brand was not consistently available I switched to lead Heaps, Arnold and Heaps. The quality is excellent and the dimensions exact, moreover it is always easily available at a very competitive price!”
Coen de Koning, De Goudse Glazenier

The high quality lead came of Heaps, Arnold & Heaps is almost certainly available at a price that is lower than what you are currently paying for other lead came. And they know what they are doing – Heaps has been making lead came for over 240 years for the world-renowned and demanding English stained glass studios.

Lead came should have specific, dependable characteristics – the right sizes, color, workability, and it should blend with other lead came. We got it!


Our Lead Cames

H-Profile Lead Came: Has the same look as the lead came that European glaziers have been using for years. The lead came is available as flat, flat beaded, oval, or oval beaded. All lead came strips are 1.8 m long (5’11”) and available in boxes of 25 kg or 50 kg (55 lb or 110 lb).

  • Extra soft: commercially pure lead. Lead came doesn’t come any softer.
  • Soft: with a very small amount of antimony, weather-resistant. (Good for normal stained glass work)
  • Half-hard: slightly more antimony, weather-resistant. (Recommended for Y-, U- profiles)
  • Hard: with even slightly more antimony, weather-resistant.

Standard sizes:

  • Leaf (A): 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 20, 25 mm
  • Heart (B): 4.5 (other sizes available, including 3.2, 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm, no extra cost)
  • Core (C): 1.2 mm standard
Flat Beaded flat beaded lead came
Oval Beaded oval beaded lead came


Steel-reinforced H-Profile: With non-hardened steel.
Available in flat or flat beaded:

  • Leaf (A): 8, 10, 12 mm
  • Heart (B): 5 mm
  • Core (C): 3.5 mm standard
Steel-reinforced lead came
Y-profile flat (Y-profile 8/5 flat beaded available on request)
Available in:

  • Leaf (A) / Heart (B): 4/4.5, 6/5, 8/5, 10/5 mm
Y-profile lead came
U-profile flat
Available in:

  • Leaf (A) / Heart (B): 4/4.5, 6/5, 8/5, 10/5 mm
U-profile lead came
Capping profile

  • Available in: Leaf (A) / Heart (B): 4/4 mm
Capping profile
Feeder Lead Came
Available in:

  • Leaf (A): 7.5, 10 mm
  • Heart (B): 4.6 mm
  • Core (C): 2.5 mm standard
flat lead came

Small quantities lead came on a drum

Suitable for quantities to approximately 8 kg (18 lbs). the wooden drum is 23 cm (9 in) diameter and 13 cm (5.2 in) high and easy to store. When you unwind the lead came from the roll, do it as gently as possible and you’ll need to stretch it out before use. Stretch just enough to make it straight. The drum is easier to transport than the long boxes – it can even be sent via the post. Please understand that this is a special order item. Each drum is rolled with lead came to your specifications – so you’ll need to allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Price/kg.

Lead came on a drum Lead came on a drum

Traditional stained glass putty Stained glass putty brush
Traditional stained glass putty Putty brush

Traditional stained glass putty
– Consistent quality – pre-mixed, no need to mix your own
– Environmentally friendly, solvent free
– Quick working and easy to clean
– Fungi resistant
– Water resistant

An emulsion putty produced in the Netherlands from high quality plant oils and fillers. Stir well before use. The putty will not bind to the glass as long as the glass is wet. The panel can be cleaned with paper towels special for stained glass putty. Do not store the used cloth in a closed container – some solvents remain in the cloth and must be able to ventilate. Allow several days for drying before installing.
(1 can: 2.5 liters, 4.5 kg / 9.9 lbs)

Putty brush
This ready-to-use round natural fiber brush makes it easy to force the stained glass putty under the lead came. 10 cm (4 in) diameter brush, handle is 15.5 cm (6 in) long.