Detail, with transparent Copper red, 'I am this Dark World's Light'-St Aidan's Church, Hartlepool, UK, artwork byHelen Whittaker, Barley Studio, York, UK

Expand your glass painting palette with transparent Copper red!

Copper red is a true transparent color that gives a peachy-rose to deeper reddish tones when fired on the tin side of float glass (or on glass which is chemically reactive to copper, such as Bullseye / Spectrum “reactive” glass).

Copper red is easy to use! Mix the powder copper red with distilled water, apply as you would a silver stain (thinly or thickly, then smooth with a badger brush), fire at least 30 minutes at 580-700°C (1076-1292°F) and cool slowly (overnight). After firing, wipe or wash the residue off the glass to see the color underneath.

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Image detail, with transparent Copper red, ‘I am this Dark World’s Light’-St Aidan’s Church, Hartlepool, UK
Helen Whittaker, Barley Studio, York, UK