Special offer, while supplies last! Putty-Cleaning Cloth set
1 large can Putty, 1 roll cleaning cloth, and 1 opener/presser
All products guaranteed high quality (we use them also!)
Just € 42! More than 10% savings than purchasing individually. Limit 1/customer.

The Universele Stained Glass Putty is an emulsion putty produced in the Netherlands. Each can is 2.5 liters (2.6 quarts). Ready-made, easy to use. How easy is it to use? Take a look at this instructional video in English.
PELI Glass is the exclusive exporter of the Universele Stained Glass Putty.
The Cleaning cloth works remarkably well in combination with the putty – in fact, it’s the best cloth we’ve found to clean the putty from the glass. Dust-free and thus healthier for the worker. The cloth comes on a sturdy ready-to-hang roll. Each roll has roughly 100 meters of cloth.
The Opener/presser is an ideal tool for opening the lead came while creating a stained glass panel and for folding (closing) the lead came down once the panel is ready. This black plastic tool is slightly flexible and fits snugly in your hand.
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Special offer on Fan brushes to end of stock
All fan brushes are 50% off (yes, 50%) until end of stock. These brushes come in sizes 2, 4, 6 and are made of synthetic Toray hair. We use the brushes to apply paint thinly when preparing a grisaille; they are also handy for making random paint stipples, such as creating the leaves of distant trees. Discounts will be taken when your order is processed
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