Saint-Just glass is now better than ever – strict quality control standards and annealing upgraded to reduce the risk of tension in the glass. All Saint-Just glass is hand-blown at their facility in Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert in France. Saint-Just prides themselves on the attention that they’ve given to the glass.

Saint-Just glass is:

– Comparable with other top brand-name glass
– High-quality, easy to cut
– Available in half-cases (approx. 15 sheets) and mixed sorts/color cases, without a surcharge
– Delivered direct to your studio

Consider buying together with a colleague!

Now available – a sample box for the mouth-blown glass range – 180 samples. Each sample is marked with a transparent sticker and the format allows for quick and easy viewing of the glass.

Saint-Just has restoration glass for all situations – more or less structure, transparent and lightly colored, all mouth blown for that original feel.

Flash Glass for etching: Saint-Just has remarkable glass for etching and sandblasting. Rich tones with a thin top layer. Most any color combination that you can think of, they have.

Keep Saint-Just glass in mind for all your laminated glass needs and restoration glass needs!

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