Glass sale: Lamberts mouth-blown glass

Are you:
– Creating new glass art and want something special?
– Teaching a workshop and want exciting glass for your students at a super price?

– Looking to fill in your glass stock?

PELI Glass has mouth-blown Lamberts glass for sale!
All colors / sorts glass have the same low price! Now just € 20/full sheet!

The German studio that closed and supplied the glass to us was predominantly a glass painting studio – therefore much of the glass is a neutral or earth tone color. Perfect for painting. The German studio acquired the glass over several generations of glaziers (Lamberts has been producing glass since around 1900). For most of the glass there is no reference number. Therefore, this glass is not meant for production work – it is unique.

Since this glass is mouth-blown there are at least some air bubbles in all of the glass. Some sheets have a lot of air bubbles.

Each sheet of glass is roughly 80 x 70 cm2 and was stored perfectly.
Minimum 1 sheet!
You are welcome to come by and select which sheets are best for you. All sales are final.
Glass will only be shipped if it is a full case (minimum 40 sheets). Shipping costs extra.
Please bring your own packing material for smaller quantities.

Details here Lamberts flat glass (pdf, 2 pages)

This glass ONLY AVAILABLE via PELI Glass Products and while supplies last! Once it’s done, it’s done.


Ask for a non-binding offer today! / tel: +31 (0)628 755 901




What are our clients saying?:
“I ordered an extra-full box (55 sheets) of the special offer Lamberts glass for a church project in Norway. I went to PELI Glass for a day to pick out the exact glass I wanted.
The tonal range and variation of the glass is very good. It’s really unique glass. It was produced years ago, was beautifully made and remains in perfect condition.
There’s lots of blues, greens, grey tones. Some colors are very deep and dark, some sheets have lots of air bubbles. Since the glass is mouth-blown there’s colour variation even within individual sheets – adding even more visual interest to the glass.
The unique structure, texture of the glass will go beautifully in my project.”
Peter Sutton  (

“I purchased some of the glass to use for a client who wanted something exclusive yet simple for a rental property, enhancing the quality of the apartment. The structure of the glass gives a distinctive feel, as you can see in the photos.”
François Roma  (Vitrum Luminaria)

roma-5 roma-6 roma-7






Saint-Just glass is now better than ever – strict quality control standards and annealing upgraded to reduce the risk of tension in the glass. All Saint-Just glass is hand-blown at their facility in Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert in France. Saint-Just prides themselves on the attention that they’ve given to the glass.

Saint-Just glass is:

– Comparable with other top brand-name glass
– High-quality, easy to cut
– Available in half-cases (approx. 15 sheets) and mixed sorts/color cases, without a surcharge
– Delivered direct to your studio

Consider buying together with a colleague!

Now available – a sample box for the mouth-blown glass range – 180 samples at a price of € 136. Each sample is marked with a transparent sticker and the format allows for quick and easy viewing of the glass.

Saint-Just has restoration glass for all situations – more or less structure, transparent and lightly colored, all mouth blown for that original feel.

Flash Glass for etching: Saint-Just has remarkable glass for etching and sandblasting. Rich tones with a thin top layer. Most any color combination that you can think of, they have.

Keep Saint-Just glass in mind for all your laminated glass needs and restoration glass needs!

Would you like to have a non-binding offer for any items? Let us know today! Send us an email at or call us at +31(0)79 361 8154.
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