The Glass Painter’s Method details step-by-step exercises for glass painting!
PELI Glass has the tools you need to get the results you want in each of the three sections of glass painting.

Glass paint mixed with water and gum Arabic is an excellent basis, and shading with glycol allows you to give expressive details and new shape to your trace lines. Adding silver stain to your work is the glorious transformation!

What are silver stains?  Silver stain, after firing, permanently stains glass a true transparent yellow, deep orange or even bronze color, depending on the specific product. This traditional method of adding color to the glass is the origin of the term “stained glass”.

Williams & Byrne have launched a new online video course “Silver Stain – The glorious transformation” that shows you step-by-step exercises so you become confident with using silver stains safely and with repeatable results.

In conjunction with Williams & Byrne, we’ve developed a set of 3 brushes and a palette knife so you can easily mix, apply and blend silver stain.

You’ll get the best results by using the right tools!

Brush set: Working with silver stains
Palette knife
DV 1570, size 10 – medium synthetic applicator
DV 1270, size 6 – fine synthetic applicator
Badger brush, round, size 6

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