PELI Glass is preparing an updated catalog for 2020 – and we like to present images of clients using our products and their artwork. It’s an easy way for your artwork to be seen all over the world by fellow artists and studios. We distribute more than 1500 print catalogs/year. If we use your work, you’ll receive a € 55 gift certificate with us.

When and what to submit to PELI Glass

Please email us (, by 12 December 2019, maximum 5 high-resolution images that have been (if needed) cropped and color adjusted. Preference will be given to submittals that include the image of the artist as well – okay to submit an image of yourself separately as a 6th image. Include text that describes what products of ours you have used, something about yourself, and any special techniques used. Approximately 100 words maximum. Also include your name/studio name, city, country, website.

PELI Glass reserves the right to decide what we include and how we include it, and to adjust the text as needed.