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We have built a “Directory of glass-related courses” so you can find help for glass-related techniques anywhere in the world.
It is absolutely free for your studio or school to have a listing and it is also free to view it and find studios, schools and courses.

We’ll list your location, name, website address, a general indication of the sorts of courses you offer, and the languages you are willing to offer the courses in. There is also a column for “Comments from studio” where you can provide some extra info.

Again, absolutely-totally free for you to have your glass-related courses listed. Take a look at the Directory, and send us an email at with your information as you’d like it to be listed. You can also send us an email anytime if you’d like to revise your listed information. If you link back to us on your website, that’s great, thank you, but is not required.

PELI Glass makes no representations or warranties regarding any of the courses mentioned in the Directory. We reserve the right to revise information.