Imera and Artista

Super Sale on glass!
More than 3000 m2 available – of that, more than 2000 m2 of light yellow tones!

Details here (pdf document, 1 page)

  • Imera ME (no structure), 5 colors, just € 80.74/m2
  • Artista NA (with structure), 9 colors, most just € 80.74/m2

Prices are ex-packing (€ 50/case), ex-transport, ex-VAT. Samples are available.
Ask for a non-binding offer today! / tel: +31 (0)628.755.901

How will you receive the glass? The glass will be shipped directly to you. The transport cost will depend on where you are and how much you order, ask for a non-binding offer.

Is there a minimum? Yes, 20 m2; and there is a 10% discount for orders above 35 m2.

Stock up for the coming year! These great prices make investing worthwhile.
Consider ordering with colleagues! – Ask for a non-binding offer today! / tel: +31 (0)628.755.901
This offer is perfect for professional studios, art schools, resellers.

This offer ONLY AVAILABLE via PELI Glass Products while supplies last.

Details here (pdf document, 1 page)Super Low prices until end of stock
Ask for a non-binding offer today!