If you want to get the best glass painting / ceramic painting results you need to use the right paints, paintbrushes and tools.
We offer paints from Reusche (US), CRG (IT) and Debitus (FR).

Whether you’re painting with a paint brush, air brush, screen printing, on glass or ceramic – these finely ground paints will mix well with your medium and give you an excellent result whether traditional glass painting or modern glass artwork.

PELI Glass offers a wide variety of powdered glass paints / ceramic paints, from Reusche (US), CRG (IT) and Debitus (FR).
All paints must be fired in a kiln
. Once the paint is fired the effect is permanent.

All of the glass paints we offer are compatible with all sorts of glass, can be stored indefinitely, and require only 5-15 minutes at the firing temperature – which ranges from approximately 580-860°C (1076-1580°F) depending on the specific glass paint.

We also offer mediums and oils used in mixing the paints – water soluble glass painting mediums as well as oils and gum Arabic.

“Your company is easy to deal with and very helpful ! Thanks for all your help.” – Heather Jo Marrocco

Wide Range of Colors
These days the palette of colors available to the stained glass painter / ceramic painter is almost unlimited. Check out the brochures below and let us know what you’re interested in. You can also request a paper catalog – perhaps easier to see the color indications – and we also offer samples of the glass paints so you can test it. We also supply mediums and oils used in mixing the glass paints.

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How can we help?
At PELI Glass, we’re also glass painters – so anytime you have a question, let us know and we’ll be pleased to assist you, at no cost.

Our Guarantee
PELI Glass guarantees the quality of the glass paints / ceramic paints we offer unconditionally. If you’re not satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll work to make you happy.

Would you like to have a non-binding offer for any items? Let us know today! Send us an email at mail@peliglass.eu or call us at +31(0)628 755 901.
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All glass paints, glass painting additives, lusters All of our glass paints, ceramic paints, pre-packaged paint sets, stains, additives, lusters in one document.
Pre-packaged glass paint sets, contours, grisailles, lead-free glass/ceramic paint, copper red and silver stain glass paints, transparents, enamels, miscellaneous, high temperature, blendable bending glass paints; and also additives, oils, gum arabic, lusters and precious metal preparations.
Pre-packaged sets for glass painting Pre-packaged glass/ceramic paint sets.
Fill in your stock, or try new paints! 3 pages.
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Contour/grisaille glass paint Contours, grisailles (including lead-free glass/ceramic paint), copper red and silver stain glass paint.
Classic traditional contour and grisaille glass paint, including lead- and cadmium-free glass/ceramic paint.
Copper red and silver stain (yellow) glass paint provide luminescent and truly transparent tones to the glass. Reusche, CRG and Debitus stains; and additives, oils, gum arabic.
Low-temp glass paints Low-temperature glass paint.
These give additional color to your glass painting.
Universals, Resistants, Enamels, Transparents, Silky matt & matt white, Copper red and silver stains, Mediums, oils, gum arabic, Paint sets.
High-temp glass paint High-temperature glass and ceramic paint.
These can used in conjunction with slumping and fusing.
Paint sets, Copper red, Lead-free resistant “BF” colors for glass & ceramics, Lead and cadmium free colors for glass & ceramics, “Meissen Palette” for glass & ceramic, Hot glass colors, Blendable bending colors, Mediums, oils, gum arabic.
luster and precious metal preparations Lusters & metal preparations.
Perhaps you need a silver or gold metallic effect, or the shimmering color of a luster? We also supply lusters and precious metal preparations in liquid form for firing 550-580°C (1022-1076°F) on glass; 700-730°C (1292-1346°F) on faience; 780-800°C (1436-1472°F) on porcelain.
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