Where does your lead came come from?
A conversation with Marc Briscoe, General Manager of Heaps, Arnold & Heaps.(PELI Glass distributes lead profile for Heaps.)

Heaps, Arnold & Heaps is a UK-based Lead, Tin & Solder Product manufacturer, established in 1770. Core products for Heaps include lead came, counter weights for sliding sash windows (it’s a UK thing), chrome plating anodes, pure tin plating anodes, and x-ray shielding products, among others.

Heaps can make a huge variety of lead came profiles. Marc says, “We calculated that within the standard range there are 3800 possible combinations.” Still don’t see what you’re looking for? Heaps is willing to create new tools to produce your profile. “If you can design it, we can make a tool for it.” Since there is such a huge range of possibilities, all lead came is made to order.

Heaps uses extrusion to produce lead profile. This means that the lead is forced through a die that is the size of the finished profile. It’s a fast process, and the final product is flexible (or not, according to your wishes) and solders easily.

What’s something that every lead came user should know? “Lead is infinitely recyclable. Since it has a low melting temperature, it is energy efficient to do so.” Regardless of the initial source – new or recycled – at the starting point of processing the lead is 99.97% pure. That’s the “extra soft” lead profile. “Soft” lead profile has a small amount of antimony that gives it weather resistance and a touch of hardness. “Half-hard” profile has even more antimony. Putting patina on lead profile gives it more weather resistance.

New! It is now possible to order mixed cases. For a small extra charge, you can split your 25 kg or 50 kg case into two or more sorts of lead profile. There is a 6 kg minimum per sort lead profile. Check out this link for more information!

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