PELI Glass has a new brochure for 2016
More products, more tips !Over 110 standard sorts H-, U-, Y-, lead came, and steel reinforced lead came. Standard sizes lead came: € 130/25 kg, € 250/50 kg, PELI Glass has many sorts lead came in stock.
– We also offer feeder lead came, solder, binding lead, steel reinforcing strips and decorative lead came, lantern profile and small quantities on a drum.
Pre-mixed stained glass putty and putty brushes
More paints! Over 360 glass paints, 137 of which can also be used on ceramics. 16 silver stains. 66 transparent paints. More than 195 contour / grisaille paints. Lusters.
Glasseye drawing programs
Books, DVDs
Tips on mixing lead-free paints with lead-containing paints, making a smooth grisaille, cleaning brushes, firing paints mixed with oils/mediums, testing the tin side of float glass and more!
Works featured from 5 PELI Glass artist clients from India, France, UK and the Netherlands.

PELI Brochure
Link here to PELI Brochure in pdf

Want a paper copy? Let us know, we’ll send it to you gratis. / +31(0)79 361 8154

It’s not just a brochure, it’s a reference.

artist Maryse Maillard-Félix

artist Colleen Corlett

artist Hans van der Valk

ECI Cultuurfabriek

artists Ngodup Tenzin, Tenzin Choklang