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We’ve built a “Directory of glass-related workshops” so you can find help for glass-related techniques anywhere in the world. 

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Advanced Workshop design/glass painting, 2.5 days with guest instructor Australian artist Jeff Hamilton
Friday-Saturday-Sunday: 20, 21, 22 October 2017

at Loodstraat 26, Zoetermeer, NL (near Den Haag).

Friday: 18.30 – 21.30
Saturday: 9.30 – 16.00
Sunday: 9.30 – 17.30

Workshop participants must have experience in stained glass design / glass cutting, and stained glass painting. Workshop presented in English. Minimum 4, maximum 6 persons.

Instructor: Jeffrey Hamilton, Hamilton Design Glass, Surry Hills NSW, Australia
Jeffrey Hamilton is an artist with more than 30 years experience. He is passionate about most forms of art and specifically painted glass. He graduated in 1974 with a diploma in Interior Design from Randwick College where attention to detail and fine craftsmanship was emphasized. In 1979 he began training as a glass painter, first concentrating on religious windows. Over the years he has been hugely involved with, and inspired by, the art scene in Sydney.

– To consider design as it applies to stained glass
– To complete several challenging and practical exercises that will focus the mind and provide the opportunity to apply experimental ideas
– To facilitate comparative analysis amongst one’s peers, and so lay the groundwork for unexpected insights
– To establish an appreciation of drawing as a core practice
This workshop will provide the opportunity to bring your work to new levels and tap into new creativity in stained glass design. Come with an open mind!

Participants are required to bring certain items for drawing and painting.

A workshop participant is entitled to a 10% discount on all paintbrushes, 5% discount on all sets, and 10% discount on all paints in stock purchased from PELI Glass. This is valid from time of payment until one month after the workshop.

During the workshop participants will be provided with: paints, mediums, glass, use of the kilns, food, drinks/coffee.
Please do not wear any clothing, especially wide sleeves that can drag in the paint. No sandals.






Testimonials for Jeff Hamilton

Wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your course. Will be referring you to the committee in my survey response… From you we received great tuition, well structured, very well prepared and very personable. As a bonus we were given insights into the technical aspects of stained glass and its history. This year’s course (2014) was even better than 2013. Hope to enroll with you in 2015.
Terry Silk (August 2014)

I was taught by Jeffrey Hamilton, some years ago, I can tell you he is the BEST PERSON to teach you leadlighting, painting on glass and foiling… Whilst there in his old studio in Lane Cove, I and my fellow participants learnt many things from Jeff. The more difficult the pattern the more accomplished you will become. I know he pushed me to the limits.”
Paul Brunyee (June 2014)

Thanks so much for teaching such a great class. It was so much fun and it was great to be able to produce a completed stained glass hanging. I can’t wait to start my next project!
Suzi Gleeson (December 2015)

Advanced Glass Painting: 2-day workshop
dates to be determined

9:00 – 16:00, Saturday-Sunday, at Loodstraat 26, Zoetermeer, NL (near Den Haag)

This intensive workshop has a full program!
Topics covered include:
– Traditional and modern glass painting, including use of silver stains
– Creating strong contour lines
– Making patterns in grisaille
– Slumping and painting with one firing
– Painting 4 layers before firing

You’ll have the opportunity to work with Reusche, Oster and Zing RG glass paints, with different mixing techniques from traditional to modern. Reusche and Oster paints are produced in America, and the Zing paints are produced in Germany. All are very high quality paints and we’ve been using them for years. The best way to learn is by actually doing so it’s a very hands-on workshop, with several projects going at once.

Participants are required to have some experience with glass painting and to bring certain paintbrushes and a palette knife.

As a workshop participant you are entitled to a 10% discount on all paintbrushes, 5% discount on all sets, and 10% discount on all paints in stock purchased from PELI Glass. This is valid from payment until one month after the workshop.

During the workshop PELI Glass will provide you with: A red sable contour brush, designs, all paints and silver stains, mediums, glass, use of the kilns, lunch, drinks/coffee, printed Workshop Guide. Please do not wear any clothing, especially wide sleeves, that can drag in the paint. Workshop presented in Nederlands-English. Minimum 4, maximum 6 persons.

Reactions of previous workshop participants:

“Found it very cozy and above all a very informative workshop. Busy, learned a lot. My work was not as nice as I’d like, yet I’ve learned enough to get myself nicely started. Thanks!”
Kitty Selles, Kitty Glas-in-lood

“For me it was a very instructive workshop and would be worth repeating.”
Aad Bontekoe

“Thank you so much for an absolutely supergreat workshop! I really learnt so much during those days. I can use all this as a springboard for future exercises with glass painting. I’m so happy that I made this journey. So good to meet all the nice people.”
Kaisa Tukonen, Höglandstorgets Glaskonst

“It was a wonderful workshop where we immediately began to work hands-on with the techniques and it was a very nice group! Good explanations give good results as you saw! I learned much and enjoyed it.”
Wilma van Rees

“I’d like to do it again!”
Alice Naber, Glasatelier Naber

“A workshop in stained glass or glass painting is always fun and also this time. We did a lot, and I learned a great deal from it.”
Joop Beerepoot,

“I really enjoyed the workshop and was inspired by the new techniques we learned! It was nice to meet other colleagues and what I experienced as very positive was the openness regarding glazier techniques…”
Marga van der Burgt, Glasatelier Butterfly

“I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. The work you showed demonstrated how much is possible with glass, much more than the rigid windows with horizontal and vertical lines. I love spacious and free-form work. I already have ideas for contemporary application of glass painting, I’m inspired!”
Peter Pleijs







What might you enjoy more than a week learning about glass painting and tiffany glass art?
How about a week learning about glass painting and tiffany… in the beautiful Greek sunshine?

brandschilderen in greece

PELI Glass has joined up with Miniati Travel ( and put together a one-week glass painting workshop in Greece. This course combines traditional and modern painting, and painting on fused glass, and is perfect for beginner and intermediate painters. There will also be plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine.

Miniati has 19 years of experience arranging creative holiday workshops. The all-in fee includes:

  • Flight – direct from Amsterdam-Athens if required. Transfers from Athens to the location in Kantia (approx. two hour drive from Athens Airport).
  • All meals – included.
  • Lodging – you’ll stay in a private studio apartment on the beach.
  • Come single or with a partner – no surcharge for singles, reduced rates for partners
  • Materials – basis paints will be provided; other materials you’ll be able to bring yourself or purchase at a special discount. We’ll use Reusche and RG glass paints.
  • Kiln firing – your work will be fired on-site.

Where is it? Kantia on the Peloponnese peninsula, southwest of Athens.
When? in 2018, to be announced
What is the cost? See the link here (in Dutch but you’ll be able to read it!) for options.

The workshop will be given in English / Dutch. Are you interested? Let us know, request a non-binding offer!

Want to know more? Contact PELI Glass!