You will get the best glass and ceramic painting results by using the right paintbrushes and tools with the right paints.

All of our paint brushes and tools are designed and made specifically for glass and ceramic painting.

Classic Painting Brushes
Contour linessable and ox hair. These are flexible brushes that hold paint for making a line. Sable brushes hold lots of paint and are the choice of the professional; ox hair brushes are more economical, and also a dependable choice.

Grisailles – one needs brushes for applying the glass paint (matting brushes, Hake brushes, fan brushes) and very importantly, Badger Brushes for spreading the paint into a thin, even layer. PELI Badger Brushes are very soft, easy to control, long lasting and work well with glass paints regardless of the amount of Arabic gum added.

badger brushes

Shadows and highlighting – we offer glass painting stipplers in a variety of shapes and sizes for shading effects, as well as a duck and crow quill brushes specifically for special glass painting effects.

Painting Tools
Sturdy palette knives, glass painting bridges made from hardwood, glass mullers, sponges and spritzers for creating special effects, as well as containers for storing paint. New items are added on a regular basis, so be sure to sign up for our e-newsletters.

Pre-Packaged Painting Sets

contour/grisaille glass painting brushes Contour/grisaille glass painting brushes

Ox hair tracing brush, size 1
Sable tracing brush, crow quill
Sable tracing brush, size 1
Fan brush, size 6
Badger brush, round, size 6
Badger brush, professional, 3″

classic glass painting tools Classic painting tools

Badger brush, professional, 3″
Sable tracing brushes, size 0,1,2,4,6
Hake brush, large
Power palette knife

advanced glass painting tools Advanced painting tools

Matting brush, 1″
Power palette knife
Sable tracing brushes, size 2,4,6
Badger brushes, round, size 2,4

PELI/W&B: Glass Painter's Method PELI/Williams & Byrne: Glass Painter’s Method

Sable tracing brush, size 0,2,4(2x),6
Hake brush, large
Power palette knife
Badger brush, professional, 3″
Badger brushes, round, size 2,4(2x)
Matting brushes, 1″ (2x)
Liquid gum arabic, 75 ml.
Painting bridge

Free Painting Advice

At PELI Glass, we’re also glass painters – so anytime you have a question, let us know and we’ll be pleased to assist you, gratis.

Our Guarantee
All of our glass and ceramic painting brushes are hand-made to our specifications and we guarantee them, and all our tools, unconditionally. If you’re not satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll work to make you happy.

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