A conversation with the artist Alexander Beleschenko

A conversation with Alexander Beleschenko


Alexander Beleschenko (1951, based in Wales, UK) creates architectural glass installations. His works can be seen in Britain, Germany, France, USA, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, I do consider myself a stained glass artist, even though I have only made a few stained glass windows in my 35-year career. I have taken that job description really through the fact that my introduction to the art and craft of the medium was in a schooling of the traditional practice. There have been times that I have thought of using other definitions but they all end up being far more confusing, especially to the layman. Read More

Steel-reinforced H-profile lead came now available!

Yes, it’s here: Steel-reinforced H-profile lead came made by Heaps, Arnold & Heaps! Dependable quality guaranteed.
Flat or flat beaded, each strip is 1.8 meters long. The standard sizes and prices (ex-VAT, ex-Zoetermeer) are:

8/5/3.5, 25 kg, € 189.60 (min. 54 strips)
8/5/3.5, 50 kg, € 357.10 (min. 108 strips)

10/5/3.5, 25 kg, € 176.40 (min. 47 strips)
10/5/3.5, 50 kg, € 334.50 (min. 94 strips)

12/5/3.5, 25 kg, € 167.60 (min. 41 strips)
12/5/3.5, 50 kg, € 319.40 (min. 82 strips)

A 25 kg or 50 kg case refers to the amount of lead came in the case. With the steel strips the cases are slightly heavier.

Ask for a non-binding offer today! mail@peliglass.eu / tel: +31 (0)79.361.8154
WANT TO SEE SAMPLES? Let us know, we’ll send it free of charge.

Glass painting and tiffany… in the beautiful Greek sunshine!

brandschilderen in greece

Workshop fully booked

What might you enjoy more than a week learning about glass painting and tiffany glass art?

How about a week learning about glass painting and tiffany… in the beautiful Greek sunshine?

PELI Glass has joined up with Miniati Travel (http://www.creativeholidays.nl) and put together a one-week glass painting workshop in Greece. This course combines traditional and modern painting, and painting on fused glass, and is perfect for beginner and intermediate painters. There will also be plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine.

Miniati has 19 years of experience arranging creative holiday workshops. The all-in fee includes:

  • Flight – direct from Amsterdam-Athens if required. Transfers from Athens to the location in Kantia (approx. two hour drive from Athens Airport).
  • All meals – with the exception of lunch and dinner on Thursday, the day off.
  • Lodging – you’ll stay in a private studio apartment on the beach.
  • Come single or with a partner – no surcharge for singles, reduced rates for partners
  • Materials – basis paints will be provided; other materials you’ll be able to bring yourself or purchase at a special discount. We’ll use Reusche glass paints, Oster silver stains and Zing! Transparent paints.
  • Kiln firing – your work will be fired on-site and you’ll be able to take it home.

Where is it? Kantia on the Peloponnese peninsula, southwest of Athens.
When? 27 September – 4 October 2014
What is the cost? See the link here (in Dutch but you’ll be able to read it!) for options.

The workshop will be given in English / Dutch. Are you interested? Let us know, request a non-binding offer!

Want to know more? Contact PELI Glass!

New in the PELI Webshop!

  • Steel-reinforced H-profile lead came: Our newest offering! Standard sizes are: 8/5/3.5, 10/5/3.5, 12/5/3.5, available in flat or flat beaded. Do you want to see a free sample? Just let us know and we’ll send it to you.
  • Inlay steel strip: 4.3 x 1.4 mm. € 14.50/kg. Approximately 12 strips per kilogram, each strip is 1.8 meters long.
  • Blowpipe solder: 60/40, € 26.00/kg. Each strip is approximately 35 cm (14 in) long.

Check out our webshop, or request a non-binding offer today!

mail@peliglass.eu / tel: +31 (0)79.361.8154
peliglass.eu / fax: +31 (0)79.361.8493

We listen to you!

Thanks for your suggestions regarding the European lead came profile!

In consultation with Heaps, Arnold & Heaps, they’ve changed the profile to meet your needs. The wings (leaf) are now 0.1 mm thinner and the bead on the beaded profile is slimmer, making the lead came completely similar to what you now use. You will be satisfied!

Monique van der Kruk of Eigentids Glas-in-lood in the Netherlands says: “Great! The lead came is perfect to work with and very easy to fold down onto the stained glass.” Try it yourself, order now or request free samples to test it yourself.

And of course, you have an unconditional guarantee from PELI Glass! If you’re not satisfied, please let us know we will fix it, guaranteed!

Take a look at our brochure here.

Heaps also makes Y-profile lead came, U-profile lead came, capping profile, and feeder lead came to your specifications. Again, let us know what you need.

Let us know what you need! Contact us for free samples of the lead came and a non-binding offer! mail@peliglass.eu, tel: +31 (0)361 8154, fax: +31 (0)361 8493

Small quantities lead came on a drum

lead came on a roll

Do you need lead came from our catalog, one that you don’t use too often, where 25 kg would be too much? We can offer you lead came on a small wooden drum, for quantities from approximately 5-10 kg (11-22 lbs). 

The wooden drum is 23 cm (9 in) diameter and 13 cm (5.2 in) high and easy to store. When you unwind the lead came from the roll, do it as gently as possible and you’ll need to stretch it out before use.

Lisa just received a drum with soft oval lead came for a specific project. “It worked out very well. I had the lead came I needed and can store it easily. I found I had to be careful how I rolled it off the drum before use – once it was stretched it worked fine.

There’s no extra cost per kilogram of lead to produce it like this and it’s easier to transport than the long boxes – the wooden drum can even be sent via the post.

We can make special sizes and forms that are not in our catalog. These may include an extra cost due to the need to make the tools to create the lead came.

Please understand that this is a special order item. Each drum is rolled with lead came to your specifications – so you’ll need to allow 2-3 weeks for production.

Let us know what you need! Contact us for free samples of the lead came and a non-binding offer! mail@peliglass.eu, tel: +31 (0)361 8154, fax: +31 (0)361 8493

“That’s a good idea using a small timber reel. Many years ago here in Australia we did use the timber reels, but they were 100 kg! I remember the lead was kept in good order on the reel. For specialised small projects 15 kg would be good.” – Brian Turner

Check for the tin side of window glass (float glass) with a drop of water

A client visited us last month and we were discussing painting on float glass. Peter mentioned that it was possible to check for the tin side of float glass with a drop of water. It’s true! You don’t have to use a UV lamp.

Float glass (normal window glass) is made by floating the glass on top of a molten tin bath. The side of the glass in contact with the tin bath picks up residuals from the tin and this will have an effect on your silver stains and may have an effect on your other glass paints. Best to check the glass before painting and plan accordingly.

How to check the tin side with a drop of water?

* Clean your glass thoroughly, both sides.

* Drop a single drop of water gently onto your float glass from a height of approximately 2-3 cm (1-1.5 inches). Do not touch the glass while dropping the water.

* See how the water drop spreads out – or doesn’t.

* Repeat on the other side of the glass and compare the results.

When the water drop spreads out, there’s no film from the tin bath and it’s the non-tin side. If the water drop remains tight on the glass, that’s the tin side. PELI is now teaching this method in all our glass painting workshops!

Water drop: a ball and small?
The film is thin, that’s the side with tin!

tinside float glass