leadcame-iconMaterials for stained glass

  • Lead came for stained glass
  • Steel-reinforced lead came for stained glass
  • Solder
  • Steel reinforcing strips

paints-iconStained glass paint

  • Stained glass paints, Pre-packaged stained glass
    painting sets
  • Silver stain glass paints
  • Lusters, Metal preparations, Ceramic paints
  • Mediums & oils for glass painting


  • Special offers
  • Saint-Just glass
  • Glass for monuments

Stained glass putty

  • Traditional stained glass putty

 glass painting needsGlass painting brushes / Tools

  • Glass painting brushes for contour and grisaille
  • Badger brushes, sable brushes, hake brushes, & more
  • Glass painting tools

info-iconBooks, DVDs, Info glass painting

  • Books, videos
  • Free information sheets on stained glass painting

workshops Workshops

  • Directory of glass-related workshops
  • Stained glass painting

special projects and advice Advice / Special projects

  • Custom advice
  • Construction of large-scale artwork based on your design

consulting Kilns

  • Glass kilns
  • Ceramic kilns
  • Controllers



PELI Glass Products B.V. is located in Zoetermeer, Netherlands and is a specialized wholesaler for glass art studios. Many of our products are interesting for stained glass studios and glass artists; we also have paints and kilns for ceramic studios. We ship worldwide.
All our products are specially selected and you have our unconditional guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied, just let us know and we’ll fix it!



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